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30 World renowned thought leaders, doctors, health & fitness experts, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, rock stars, authors, and YouTube celebrities reveal life changing secrets to transform your health, wealth, love, and relationships, spirituality, productivity, and connection.

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When Can I Start Promoting Wake Up?

You can promote the event starting February 26th - March 11th.

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When Does the Wake Up Event Start?

The groundbreaking event will be held March 12th -  March 17th.

Welcome! A Message From the Team

Thank you!  We're thrilled to partner with you for this exciting launch, which goes LIVE on February 26th, 2020.

It's our mission to reach over 3,000,000 individuals to help them improve their mental, physical, and emotional well-being in a new way.

This is the world premiere of a never before seen personal development academy that brings together over 30 of world's top experts, trailblazers, thought leaders, authors, entertainers, and survivors.

Please take a moment now to become an affiliate. We are so happy to have you with us for this amazing journey!  

Stay tuned for announcements, updates, prizes, and more during this launch!

~ Sara Sheehan, Katerina Kavouklis, & Cassidy Goldberger

What Is Wake Up Academy?

Wake Up Academy is a 6 week series of over 30 individual self-improvement masterclasses with the world's leading experts in love, health, wealth, personal development, paying it forward, and spirituality.

You’re going to love the Wake Up Academy - it will definitely appeal to your list. It’s a high quality production, with amazing and powerful insights

Featuring thought leaders, doctors, health & fitness experts, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, rock stars, and YouTube celebrities such as Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Dr. Mary Hyman, JJ Virgin, Sean Stephenson, Joe Polish, Celine Cousteau, and JP Sears, to name just a few.You will love to share this fantastic content with your audience. 

The Challenge to Create the Ultimate Life

There’s a reason why personal growth as we know it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s because of its very nature, that your growth is well, ''personal'' to you. There are no “one size fits all,” method to “growth.”

Your personal growth should fill you and with happiness and fulfillment.

Through Wake Up Academy we'll reveal how our viewers can get empowered by taking small daily action steps through watching beautiful interview sessions with our experts.  Giving them the tools they need to create real lasting transformative change.

Wake Up Academy is comprised of 6 Life Encompassing Modules:

  • Health (Creating Ideal Self)
  • Wealth (Financing Self)
  • Love (Self Love + Love of Others)
  • Personal Growth (Kindness to Self)
  • Paying it Forward (Kindness to Others)



Our Experts

Wake Up Event Timeline

Promotional Dates

February 26th - March 11th

  • This is the BEST time to promote and get your leads in!
  • Promote on multiple platforms: email, social media, blog articles, and banners on your site.
  • Promote to our 6 Day Challenge Opt-in or Free 90-Minute Jumpstart Opt-in
  • 1-2 days later resend to unopens.  Use a different subject line with a different intro angle.
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Starts Tomorrow / Starts Today

March 11th (starts tomorrow) and March 12th (starts today) are perfect days for you to promote, because FOMO sells.  

  • The more you promote, the more you will earn.  For the best results we recommend you send at least 2 emails before the event starts on March 12th.
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During the Event:  6-Part Wake Up Masterclass Series

March 12th - March 21st - (Cart Close) 

  • No promotion needed as we will be sending emails out to everyone who signed up, but you are welcome to still promote.
  • The two days before the Cart Closes are extremely urgent we recommend you send one last email on March 19th or 20th.

Email Copy & Social Media Assets

Important Dates

Dates to note in your calendar...
Prelaunch: February 26 - March 11, 2020 - best time to promote
Launch: March 12 - March 17, 2020 - Wake Up Free 6-Part Masterclass Series
Cart Close: March 21, 2020

We will have two funnel paths:

  1. An opt-in to the 6-Day Wake Up and Conquer Challenge to transform the big 6 areas of your life. Learn the practical Wake Up formula that can make you happier, healthier, richer, and wise.

  2. An opt-in to watch the Wake Up Free Masterclass experience over an hour and a half of life-transforming wisdom from the trailblazers of our time.  

Your audience is going to love how unique Wake Up Academy is from everything else on the market right now.  The academy provides a roadmap for meaningful change for your audience in the form of an easy to follow online masterclass program divided into modules with our experts, in a structured weekly format to raise consciousness. They need this in their lives.

Each module takes about a week to complete and allows the user to move towards the success, fulfillment, well-being, love, contribution, and interconnectedness they desire.

Everything is based on our experts’ unique and revolutionary vision and systems of living.  To grow dramatically in record time.

How It Works:

To participate you simply share an opt-in page about the event of your choice with your audience during the pre-launch promo period (February 26th - March 11th).  Those who opt-in will either receive the free ebook or will be able to watch the limited time showing of the free masterclass. 

They will also receive special bonuses and will have an option to purchase Wake Up Academy at a special introductory launch price.

Registrants will also be provided with a pre-sale offer to purchase immediately upon opt-in and have multiple opportunities to purchase the Academy in digital format only.  

This is a digital product membership with lifetime access.

Those who sign up using your unique affiliate link and later purchase you will make a commission of 60% on the sale during the launch.  (Post launch commission will be 50%)

Our introductory one-time only pre-sale membership will be $97  (your commission = 60%).

During launch pricing will be $197 (your commission = 60%)

Please click here to apply for our affiliate program.  We will take care of billing and customer support.

The only thing you need to do is email your list and/or post to your social media profiles during pre-launch.  

Then we'll take care of the rest!

Affiliate Commission Payment Details

Our affiliate tracking platform is Kajabi.  It tracks when a user comes from your link and is last-in cookie.  The affiliate cookie will be held for 90 days.  So if a user purchases during that time you will receive credit for the sale.

You will receive an affiliate login where you can view analytics and commission stats.

After cart close you will be paid 100% of your commissions earned the following month by the 15th.  You will not be paid on refunded sales.

We will pay you automatically through PayPal (no fees to you) and send you a notice via email.

Don't miss out on this wonderful event! Your audience will love it!

The Team Behind Wake Up Academy

Meet Your Host & Producer, Sara Sheehan

Sara Sheehan began her career in advertising and later moved into publishing where she was a contributing editor on numerous consumer and trade magazines. As a representative of these publications, she appeared on “Good Morning America” the weekend edition of the “Today” show, and co-produced segments for “Oprah.”

Sara has been the Executive Producer and Managing Partner for both Working Pictures and Grenade Editorial since 1993. She has produced numerous television commercials, public service announcements, television series, and programming in addition to executive producing the critically acclaimed feature film, “Seed,” distributed by IFC.

Sara produced a comprehensive documentary film about the legendary Broadway producer and director Hal Prince. She produced a series of short documentary pieces on healthcare for designer Donna Karan’s philanthropic foundation, Urban Zen. During the two years working with the Urban Zen brand alongside Karan, Sara interviewed and filmed public figures such as Mehmet Oz, Woody Merrill, Cynthia Northrup, and celebrities such as Edie Falco, Michael J. Fox, Richard Gere, Christy Turlington, and the most respected yoga gurus in the western world including Rodney and Colleen Saidman Yee, Mary Dunn, Gary Kraftsow, Richard Freeman and motivational authors and speakers Deepak Chopra and Tony Robbins.

She also produced “Privileged” a documentary film for the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities featuring Michelle Obama, Ed Norton, and Sarah Jessica Parker, and “I Thee Wed” a short film for the United Nations featuring their Goodwill Ambassador Gisele, which emphasized the importance of preserving our planet.

Katerina Kavouklis, Marketing Partner

Katerina is a behind-the-scenes master of creating, launching, and developing health and wellness companies and offers through her 11+ years of experience in direct response marketing. 

She is a passionate online marketer and entrepreneur. The founder of Allegra Strategy - a boutique affiliate management, list management, and coaching company.  She’s launched and worked with multi-million dollar health and wellness brands.

She was part of the original founding team that created the first ever $9.9 million dollar health and wellness docuseries launch The Truth About Cancer.  She's worked with health and wellness industry giants leading online marketing campaigns, managing multi-million dollar affiliate relationships and email lists of over 3MM subscribers. 

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