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Wake Up Academy is a 6 week series of over 30 individual self-improvement masterclasses with the world's leading experts in love, health, wealth, personal development, paying it forward, and spirituality.

You’re going to love the Wake Up Academy - it will definitely appeal to your list. It’s a high quality production, with amazing and powerful insights

Featuring thought leaders, doctors, health & fitness experts, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, rock stars, and YouTube celebrities such as Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Dr. Mary Hyman, JJ Virgin, Sean Stephenson, Joe Polish, Celine Cousteau, and JP Sears, to name just a few.You will love to share this fantastic content with your audience. 

The Challenge to Create the Ultimate Life

There’s a reason why personal growth as we know it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s because of its very nature, that your growth is well, ''personal'' to you. There are no “one size fits all,” method to “growth.”

Your personal growth should fill you with happiness and fulfillment.

Through Wake Up Academy we'll reveal how our viewers can get empowered by taking small daily action steps through watching beautiful interview sessions with our experts.  Giving them the tools they need to create real lasting transformative change.

Wake Up Academy is comprised of 5 Life Encompassing Modules:

  • Health (Creating Ideal Self)
  • Wealth (Financing Self)
  • Love (Self Love + Love of Others)
  • Personal Growth (Kindness to Self)
  • Paying it Forward (Kindness to Others)

We hope you love this concept as much as we do! Please join us in spreading this incredible message.

- Wake Up Fearless Team


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