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If you're stuck in a rut or feel that you're not living the life you were meant to live, it's time for real change!


This Free Jumpstart shows you how to get back your passion for life and how to rediscover the energy and determination you thought you'd lost.

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This Jumpstart is for you if you’re interested in turning things around quickly to begin living your best possible life.

Life is challenging. We know you've experienced struggle at some point. Whether it's fear, doubt, trouble making ends meet, trying to start a new business that's not doing well, dealing with frustrating toxic relationships, or suffering from chronic health conditions...all of us have been there.

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  1. The shocking truth about how so-called healthy diets are actually sabotaging your health.
  2. Why this misunderstood feeling guarantees that you'll stay locked in a pattern of trying and failing.
  3. How to stop being paralyzed by the little things so you can transition from inaction to action and start getting things done!
  4. The #1 way to feel good's as simple as a tiny shift in perception.

Participate in a refreshingly thrilling 90-minute session with Dr. Mark Hyman, JP Sears, Joe Polish, JJ Virgin, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Jon Morrow, Dr. Sean Stephenson, and More...

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You'll discover their practices, habits, and success methods. 

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My name is Sara Sheehan. I’ve been a journalist, writer, director, and producer for more than three decades...interviewing fascinating men and women all over the world. I've  appeared on “Good Morning America,” the weekend edition of the “Today” show, and co-produced segments for “Oprah.”

I’ve put together some of the most awe-inspiring sessions of my career. They can and will change your life. They changed mine.

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